Apply for Hga Scholarship year round. We accept submissions from all students, public or private entering or continuing their degrees. No Hga Membership is required just a letter of intent stating reason why you are requesting the funds, your college goals and why you should be selected or deserve to be awarded an Hga Scholarship. Deadline is 10/1 with selection by 10/31 .Hga Scholarshi was established in 2014 to support Higher Education in College to Career goals.

Interested in doing an internship with Hga?

Contact us provide goals and objectives to your internship as well as why Hga was selected in
no more than 250 words. Please provide Educator/Professor, School/University responsible for the
internship, plus department.

Donations are welcome all year round. Funds support assessments, workshops, consultation and fees,
dues and minor supplies.

Volunteer! Have a project of your own that Hga can support or collaborate with?  Let us know.
Interest in Board or Committee participation is always welcome.

Interested in hosting or would like to sponsor a workshop or event with Hga for 2015 and forward.
Contact us via e mail or phone.


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