Hga higher education. Now what?

Pandemic panic goes on! Hold tight we as humans have a natural reaction when restrictions are set in place which causes us to react, rebel and revolutionize!!But more power to the people correct! I would agree but this pandemic has become an animal of its own…Altering lives,income, lifestyles, thought process, future plans and expectations. ItsContinue reading “Hga higher education. Now what?”

hga conference registration

Hga Conference January 9th, 2012 The all day conference begins at 8:00 am registration and ends 4:30 pm. The conference is held at theIMINConferenceCenter/EastWestCenterat theUniversityofHawaii. Dr. Frances Karnes PhD. (see bio), Director of theFrancesKarnesCenterfor Gifted Studies at theUniversityofSouthern Mississippi. The conference will focus on Dr. Karnes research and advocacy she has done for the giftedContinue reading “hga conference registration”