Dear gifted and talented advocate,

Our request for your continued support is upon us once again. We appreciate how far you have taken our advocacy efforts this year by opening new opportunities and collaborative partnerships. Your consideration of a donation to the Hawaii Gifted Association will further our professional development efforts with additional resources for the gifted and talented through our advocacy, exhibits, workshops and activities. 

As you know, our services are free and donations/ Hga Memberships assist in general operational cost and annual scholarships. Your donation provides the Hawaii Gifted Association in continuing its role in your community!

Thank you once again in recognizing the importance of identifying and assisting in providing services to gifted and talented individuals! We’re all looking forward to reaching new elevations from college to career!

Donations: Mastercard, VISA, check or cash accepted. Please make checks payable to Hawaii Gifted Association.

Questions? Email FEIN# 99-0169246

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