hga conference registration

Hga Conference

January 9th, 2012

The all day conference begins at 8:00 am registration and ends 4:30 pm. The conference is held at theIMINConferenceCenter/EastWestCenterat theUniversityofHawaii. Dr. Frances Karnes PhD. (see bio), Director of theFrancesKarnesCenterfor Gifted Studies at theUniversityofSouthern Mississippi. The conference will focus on Dr. Karnes research and advocacy she has done for the gifted and talented. Panel discussions will include professionals in the field, parents and student participation. Breakout sessions will include various topics related to the gifted and how to best serve this population not only inHawaiibut also its affiliates. Conference will include scholarship presentation and GT acknowledgements and awards. Concurrent venues will be exhibiting creative talents in the arts.   Registration is required to attend. Optional CEU credits offered to attendees. Overnight lodging accommodations are available on the University campus at Lincoln Hall for the conference upon registration.

Days Agenda

8:00         Check-In Registration

8:30         Welcome from Hga

Opening Comments


9:00         Dr.Frances Karnes Ph.D.

Advocacy and Legal Issues

10:30       Morning Break

10:45       BI/Kauai/Maui/Oahu (curricula subject, green, STEM etc.)

11:45       Focus Panel Student/ Parent/ Educator are you getting what you need?

12:00       Q & A

12:15       Lunch


1:15         Dr. Frances Karnes, PhD.

2:45-3:00                 Film Clip

3:00         Afternoon Break

3:10- 3:40                Break Out Session I

  1. Students/ New Leadership                              -Learning Enviroments
  2. Parents /  Parent & Educator Discussion         -Priority Checklist for Advocacy
  3. Educators/  Professional Development            -Technology/Curricula Tools

3:40-4:00                 Break Out Session II

  1. Student  Creativity
  2. Do Something …PAC  (Prof./Parent/ Pupil Action Comm..)
  3. gt+= positive signs of gifted and talented

4:00         Next Steps/ Spring Advocacy  NAGC


4:10                         Hga Scholarship Recipients 2011-2012  Conference/ postponed

4:25         Closing Comments/ Thank you

4:30        Thank you and enjoy the Talent!

See some Creativity and Talent at: Honolulu Country Club Gallery  M-S  8am to 8pm

(Included in registration) Kapiolani Community College Library Gallery  M-F 10am – 4pm/ Sat. 10am -2pm



City:                                                                                        State:

Phone:                                                                                                     Email


Break Out Session I                a___        b___        c___

Break Out Session II               a___        b___

NAGC Member, if not are you interested in knowing about their Advocacy efforts?            Yes_____No____Maybe___

Registration Fee:     $100  includes Handouts, Lunch and all-day Parking

$ 25  Student Rate/all day or drop-in

$  Same Day Registration add $25 fee
CEU (6 Continuing Ed.Units) $ 25  ________   Check if attending for class credit_______

Go to:http://center.uoregon.edu/courses/course_desc.php?CourseKey=620332

*Please check if you need a parking pass______

**Hga Scholarships available upon request. Please email higifted@aol.com

TOTAL DUE$___________________

Check_________ VISA/MC_________CC#________________________________________exp:______

Purchase Order #______________________________District_________________________

Mail Registrations to:


P.O. Box22475



Attn: 2012 Conference

Questions? Email us at higifted@aol.com

IMIN Conference / East /WestCenterMap:

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