Hga Fall Newsletter 2020

Music gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and LIFE to everything!

Greetings GT Supporters!

Its been a long few months with all us battling Covid and keeping our sanity but, alas, we have persevered in 2020 never to let up to the politics, strong arm nor mandates to find our seat at the table. Our theme for this year, “Gather and Play” has a profound yet coincidental effect In 2020  for little did we know 2020 would be so restraining and controlling of our day to day lives and livelihood while safeguarding us from the unknown.

Columbia College Calgary wrote a recent article about the importance  to Balance Studies and Play. They noted that “it is important to maintain the balance of studies and play, and to remember that studying is just one activity of life. Ignoring play for studies  will make your life dull and sedentary. Health is critical even to perform optimally in academics.” they noted the following assets to Play are:

Relaxation, well being, more social interaction amongst peers and less time for digital distractions. All this provides you to “achieve success and creates optimal harmony in your life”

So “Gather and Play”, be you, and strive for your success in life! Join us as we gather and play with Hga looking forward to taking a chance in 2021 and playing the odds, good or bad WE WIN again!

Hawaii gifted assoc. 11/2020

“Music gives soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to the Imagination and

LIFE to Everything” Plato

Come Gather and Play with Hga!!

WHERE WILL WE BE IN 2021?????????????


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Volunteer Board Member, President

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